Adapting Instruction for Students
EzLOMS is perfectly
adapted to Differentiated Instruction,
Personalized Learning, and 'Flipped Learning'.

With EzLOMS,
you can plug-in a multitude of
exciting teaching methods such as
Flipped Learning, Blended Learning,
Project-based Learning,
and much more, while
supporting Personalized Learning in your classroom.

EzLOMS E-Learning Platform:
Enables you to bring your lesson plans easily online.
Adapts to a variety of environments and accommodates
kinds of learning.

Flipped Learning Project-based Learning Personalized Learning
By using EzLOMS,
you will be instrumental
in enabling students to leverage
Creativity, Technological Fluency, and
a Growth Mindset to help build the future.

Flipped Learning

Schoolwork at home and homework at school.
By using a variety of methods, educators guide students as they apply concepts.

Project-based Learning

Invite your students to plunge into guided projects!
Offer the experience of moving from 'guided inquiry' to 'open inquiry' and watch the results go exponential!

Personalized Learning

No: One-Size-Fits-All.
Powered by student strengths, personalization refers to diverse educational programs using distinct approaches and strategy.
EzLOMS in 3 Easy Steps
With just 3 easy steps create customized courses with all of the vibrancy of an interactive page!
EzLOMS is a teacher created software!
We provide storage. You remain in control of your content!
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